SOLKOA Survival Systems

The SOLKOA Survival Systems line of products is manufactured by SOLKOA Inc., a leading provider for those that work abroad in the most austere regions, who demand professional grade equipment and innovative survival tools that function without fail…in the worst of conditions…every time.

Since 2008, we have taken a portion of our high-end emergency preparedness gear to the commercial marketplace, where it has become a staple to those committed to backpacking, hunting, camping, mountaineering and climbing – as well as professionals who work in the industry worldwide.


S3 Pro Kit

Product Launches:


Hunter Mountain Survival Kit – Designed for high altitude terrain and remote hunting expeditions.
A 1.5 Mil, military grade survival blanket, 50% stronger than most blankets.  Made of metallized polyethylene  it’s less likely to tear than standard Mylar® “space” blankets.


The rebranding and launch of our commercial line of products under S3: SOLKOA Survival Systems.
6 new components, 8 new survival modules, 2 new kits (the Core and Pro).


The PSK (Personal Survival Kit) – 28 professional grade survival tools in a compact nylon bag.
The SUMA Pro Survival Kit – Professional grade survival tools including our waterproof, indestructible SUMA container.


Emergency Fire Starting Kit, new clamshell packaging!
Fastfire Refills (4-pack) in cardboard packaging.
Grip-S™, makes a multi-tool look like a toy.
SUMA Container™, the ultra-lightweight community loves us…so does our machinist.


Faststrike™, our compact 3” spark generating fire striker.
Faststrike Maxx™, 4″ for greater sparking power.
Fire Starting Kit, the complete fire craft package.


Fastfire™ tinders, a remarkable emergency fire starting tinder that burns vigorously in the worst wet, windy and cold conditions.